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Why E-Bikes

The real advantages of riding a Pedlelec are climbing hills and cycling into head winds; they also allow a great commute to work without getting too hot and sweaty.
If you are struggling with worn joints a Pedlelec can really help you get around and you still get a work out, You can also pair up with stronger riders without holding them back.
Pedlelecs will assit you upto 15.5 mph, any higher speed will be your leg work and the Shimano Steps system comes with 3 modes of assit so you can select the output you want from the motor.

Riding on the Roads

All the e-Bikes sold or hired from Bewdley Outdoors are road legal and the UK law applies to them as it does to a regular bike only exception is you have to be over 14 years old.

Shimano Stepsshimano equip

Shimano MTB

Motor : Shimano Steps 250 watts output
Range : Eco mode 78 miles - Normal mode 53 miles - High mode 37 miles
Battery : 418 Watts - 11.6 amp Shimano Lithium
Charging Time : 80% in 2 Hours - Full Charge 4 Hours
Support Modes :
Eco - Riding support while enabling maxium range
Normal - Gradual support for sportive riding
High - Full support for maximum boost
Walk assist - Easy to manoeuvre when off the bike, push the switch and the bike will slowly move forward


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 Phone: 01299 266601